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It wasn’t as if the boy



it wasn’t as if the boy was a thief and regularly stole money from his mom’s purse.
but it was his craving so strong and he wouldn’t know the spell to break that curse,
for he was the innocent child who fours months ago was forced to have that blighted cocaine,
from the drug peddler of the dark alley street, since that day the boy was in pain.


It wasn’t as if the boy never wanted to play basketball with his dad,
but the once well built boy was now so weak, seeing him his dad often got mad,
his Bambi eyes were now puffed and red, his girlfriend left him for he made her sad,
the boy who was once the topper of his class had now failed, humiliated and left emotionally drained.


It wasn’t as if the boy never wanted to confess his guilt but became a slave to his addiction,
whenever he wished to tell his mom, he would become enchained by that thirst and left the room unsaid,
the boy just longed for a mere hope of care but was often left neglected,
in his silent hope that one day he would gain the same older days of joy and love.


It wasn’t as if the boy was never caught, one day his mother caught him smelling, the police came and arrested,
the boy wailed, “Mom and dad please don’t leave me alone, without you both my future so grim.”
but the boy was unheard and ushered in the police car while his helpless parents uncontrollably sobbed,
the boy couldn’t say but seeing his mom for the last time he just wished to be hugged.


It wasn’t as if the boy was not optimistic of getting cured but the unbearable suffering was something he was never prepared for,
the boy almost always now spitted blood, the frustrated boy wanted his mom and his eyes so full of tears,
the withdrawal symptoms went disarray, he was never so tough and had it so rough,
that today he died cured of all the worldly pains but yes without his mom’s hug.





Goodbye my love I hope happiness comes along your way



No point in thinking of what went wrong now,
no point thinking of impossible me,
because now when that morning before the crows cawed,
that was the last time those beautiful eyes of yours that I saw,
as silently I left your house…… with the same silence we parted our ways,
we never did much talking anyway, so no point regretting our day,
goodbye my love I hope happiness comes along your way.

You know honey babe I have walked a mile from you today,
though somewhere I wished you would come back and hug me like in the beginning days,
but what’s the point we have always fought and cried, tried but we both got tired,
no point in weeping for the lost cause……it is the love that we now loath,
let’s forgive each other because anyways I would never want to be your foe,
goodbye my love I hope happiness comes along your way.

I just got suffocated because I never understood you so well,
even though I tried and failed in my attempts,
but what was the point when we had conflict of interests with both of us adamant on our points,
it’s just that we both wasted each other’s precious time but that’s quite alright,
we both might find somebody to ease our pains,
goodbye my love I hope happiness comes along your way.

My darling I admit there were more faults of mine but you have also been unkind,
this is the line I hope you wouldn’t mind, hardly matters if you think twice,
you made me a better person though, but even I would like you to know,
that sometimes it is unbearable with you gone, but relax I wouldn’t mourn,
because I don’t need you to take care of me, anyways it wasn’t an unconditional love,
this day had to come because I was always fire to your air and hence we didn’t blend so well,
goodbye my love I hope happiness comes your way.