Goodbye my love I hope happiness comes along your way



No point in thinking of what went wrong now,
no point thinking of impossible me,
because now when that morning before the crows cawed,
that was the last time those beautiful eyes of yours that I saw,
as silently I left your house…… with the same silence we parted our ways,
we never did much talking anyway, so no point regretting our day,
goodbye my love I hope happiness comes along your way.

You know honey babe I have walked a mile from you today,
though somewhere I wished you would come back and hug me like in the beginning days,
but what’s the point we have always fought and cried, tried but we both got tired,
no point in weeping for the lost cause……it is the love that we now loath,
let’s forgive each other because anyways I would never want to be your foe,
goodbye my love I hope happiness comes along your way.

I just got suffocated because I never understood you so well,
even though I tried and failed in my attempts,
but what was the point when we had conflict of interests with both of us adamant on our points,
it’s just that we both wasted each other’s precious time but that’s quite alright,
we both might find somebody to ease our pains,
goodbye my love I hope happiness comes along your way.

My darling I admit there were more faults of mine but you have also been unkind,
this is the line I hope you wouldn’t mind, hardly matters if you think twice,
you made me a better person though, but even I would like you to know,
that sometimes it is unbearable with you gone, but relax I wouldn’t mourn,
because I don’t need you to take care of me, anyways it wasn’t an unconditional love,
this day had to come because I was always fire to your air and hence we didn’t blend so well,
goodbye my love I hope happiness comes your way.

About allforblogging33

I always wanted to climb Mount Everest or Mt Godwin Austin since my childhood days, growing up I learnt the harsher realities of mountains and life. I had to satisfy myself with the little mound in my pic. Writing doesn't come naturally to me, ideas yes. I always try my level best to write. I love reading- my #1 author is PG Wodehouse. I am 22 going to be 23 and I love my job. So far so good. I do love when Audrey Hepburn sings, 'Moon River.' I blog about pretty much everything so you may say I am scatterbrain.

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    • really….but that’s fine….please don’t cry. It is not concerning my life, I generally wrote like this,seeing my friends breaking up so often. Thanks for reading my poem anyways 🙂 Feels appreciated.

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