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Tennis Players + Arnold Schwarzenegger


So, I made caricatures of the present GOAT ( Greatest Tennis Players of all time) contenders and then came up with another idea. My idea was to see in which Arnold Schwarzenegger (the greatest action hero of all times) movie would they fit in- I have given them the role suited to their personality and their present status in tennis.

Roger Federer would definitely be the Terminator. For two long years, he was threatened and outclassed by other contenders but when he came back, he terminated all of them. This year. not only he lifted the Wimbledon Crown but also gained silver medal in the Olympics.

Rafael Nadal, the strong, the muscular, popular and bulky would be Commando. He gets back and is able to fire strong back + forehands+ serves and  has no problem covering the whole court.

He might be chasing, be at the losing end but then this courageous Serbian Novak Djokovic comes from somewhere and stun his opponents. He is charismatic, kid’s favourite (My #1 too)  definitely my Kindergarten Cop.

ImageRoger Federer

The Terminator

Motto: Whoever tries to enter my den unannounced, will be cursed

Rafael Nadal


Motto: I’ll be back!! (after six months of injury)

ImageImageNovak Djokovic

The Kindergarten Cop

Motto: In the end, it’s always me.

Finally, Sun rises for the Deccan


So, the controversy strapped company bought the cash strapped company. Well, the company (Sun T.V.) which became more renowned during the 2G scam bought another company at a bid as high as Rupees 85 crores. Sun T.V. has also allegedly paid Rupees 20 crore over and above Rupees 85 crores as the signing amount. All that makes me say, Mr. Kalanidhi Maran, “Wow! What an investment,” you have used your uncle’s savings from 2G scam wisely.


I am curious that whether now (whatever the new team is called) would represent Hyderabad or Chennai? If Chennai, then hello they have two teams. Now that would be unfair. With Sun T.V’s headquarter in Chennai; I believe Chennai will have two teams now…please import the cheerleaders. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have 2-3 Sri Lankan players

But no, the franchise will be based in Hyderabad so Dhoni relax, your fans and popularity won’t be divided…if you have any popularity left at all. Ha! Somebody tweeted a possible name for the new team, “Telangana Chargers.” Well, let’s see how far you guys go…..I mean for Sun T.V. team playing at night will be bit of a challenge. Nevertheless, fingers crossed.

Next, I believe Sun T.V. might sign up their most promising star Dhanush to sing. Dhanush, please don’t sing something like Kolaveri Di. So, Dhanush says, “Okay but I am paid to sing, “Why this Subramaniam, Subramaniam Di?”

Well, let’s see how well the Deccan gets tanned.

Ps: Except the main news every bit of extra news is imaginary.

Clark Kent says Hasta Manana to journalism


So far, it was Mr. Dark Knight (Batman) who was making the news in the superheroes world but on Wednesday, Clark Kent aka Superman made a big story- no Mr. Kent didn’t find a breaking story but he was the story. Clark Kent calls it quits at Daily Planet, the world’s leading newspaper. Mr. Kent offered his services as a journalist in the leading paper since his debutante comic which appeared in 1940.


Mr. Kent- a man of impeccable manners and high values had a heated argument with Mr. Morgan Edge, the owner of the Daily Planet’s parent company. “I am tired, frustrated and my girlfriend often complains that we don’t go out very often. How in the world can I take her with this meager income?” Recently, melancholic Mr. Kent was also reported singing, “How many roads must a man walk down before you call him a man?”

“This is really what happens when a 27-year-old guy is behind a desk and he has to take instruction from a larger conglomerate with concerns that aren’t really his own,” said writer Scott Lobdell

Mr. Kent’s sudden decision has however raised deep concerns and never-ending debates all over the world on the future of print journalism.  The declining popularity of newspaper has cut its way through to the fictional world, with bookstores like Barnes and Nobles closing down, the seriousness is deeply felt.

Tired and woebegone, our favourite superhero is however planning to make a brave attempt by joining the blogging world. “I am planning to go digital. Adapt or die,” said emotional Mr. Kent at a press conference at Hilton Hotel.  With an iPad in his hand, Mr. Kent is ready to take the new challenge as he bids silent farewell to his past experiences in the newsroom. 

To Uncle Charlie Waffles


I appreciate Ashton Kutcher’s style but somehow without Charlie Sheen, I watch Two and a Half men with a little sinking feeling. So, over the past few weeks instead of watching the brand new episode, I watched all the old seasons featuring Charlie Harper. Here is the list of some of my favourite Charlie Sheen moments from the past series. I haven’t mentioned all,some of them.This is to Uncle Charlie Waffles:


Jake: I think you should have gotten a car like Greg’s.
Charlie: Okay, do yourself a favor and stop worshipping this dude. There’s already a guy in your life who’s worth looking up to and modeling yourself after.
Jake: Dad?
Charlie: (pause) Okay, two guys

Charlie: When the phone rings at Uncle Charlie’s house, we don’t just willy-nilly pick up the receiver and answer it. No. What we do is check the caller ID, and only pick up if we want to talk to that person.
Jake: Like Mom?
Charlie: That depends: Your mom, yes; my mom, no.
Jake: How come you don’t want to talk to your mom?
Charlie: I’ll tell you all about that when you’re old enough to drink.


Season 3, episode 3 Carpet Burns and Bite Marks
Evelyn: For the first time I look at you and see myself.
Charlie: That’s just insane.


Season 3, episode 12 That Special Tug
Charlie: Anyway, last night I am out with my stupid, lame ass brother.
Dr. Freeman: Sounds like you you’ve got some anger towards him…
Charlie: Oohh, you’re good


Season 4, episode 23 Anteaters. They’re just crazy lookin
Alan: Obviously, we disagree about my role in this household.
Charlie: We sure do. You think you have one, and I don’t!

Season 5, episode 11 Meander to your dander
Alan: I’m in trouble here, Charlie. How do I get out of a stagnant, joyless relationship?
Charlie: If I knew how to do that, you wouldn’t still be living here.

Season 6, episode1 Tatterhead is our love child
Charlie: What I’ve wanted to ask you is, do you think I’ve been a good role model?
Jake: Are you kidding? You drink, you gamble, you have different women here practically every night. You’re the best role model a guy could want!


Season6, episode 22 Sir Lancelot’s little box
Berta: Okay you and me need to talk
Charlie: I know I know. you didn’t sign up for this. You work for me, not for her, and it’s bad enough you have to put up with zippy and the chip
Berta: No, I like her better than you so for now on I’m working for her
Charlie: What?
Berta: You need something? You ask her, she talks to me, we decide
Charlie: I don’t get vote?
Berta: Yeah, you get a vote. One vote our of three. Good luck with that.


Season 7, episode 16 Tinkle like a princess

Charlie: If I can’t have Chelsea, I don’t want to live.

Alan: Where are you going?

Charlie: Strip club.

Alan: Ah yes, death by lap dance.


“That’s all Folks”


So what is the most interesting feature about iPad Mini- obviously it is mini but not mini enough to fit in my jeans pocket. So why buy this Mini Mouse? It weighs 308 grams, retina display, thickness is 7.2 mm, 10 hours battery. Pretty much was the case with iPad, only if little thicker and bigger. Bottom line  the latter ‘modification’ is like having the new 25 grams Mars bar instead of the former 57 grams. Boring enough to buy and I am even more bemused to read the stories of the poor compelled tech journalists trying their level best to prove a piece of glass- diamond.
Hairsplitting discussions embraced the world and especially on twitter. Apple when it bores another fruit it does have a long lasting effect. It is viral, the more appropriate word. People seem to be obsessed with how thin, sleek it is or on its lightness. If I have to convert a 500 page novel into 300- it will obviously be thinner, lighter- so what’s so innovative. Duh!!
Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs on the launch of iPad said, ” iPad is our most revolutionary device.” What did Tim Cook think iPad Mini will be another dawn in the history of revolution of Apple. Innovative is the last word I would use for this modified piece. So much for the iPad Mini.
The only thing worth noticing about the dear mini mouse was the furor it created in the stock market as the shares of Apple plummeted to sky high.According to Telegraph reports, share in $ 584.3 bn company climbed more than 4pc. Holy Cow! The technology is dull but it is cheap. The iPad mini is certainly a delight to consumers and investors but Mr Cook though you can’t make new recipes but you certainly know the way of selling an old cookbook. Mr Steve Jobs told you on his death bed, “Don’t ask what I would do, just do what is right.” Well, I am no techno geek, I just a layman and what you did was ‘sell’ a mere product on the cost of his words, “iPad is our most magical revolutionary device.” Had you created another drama like Shakespeare and then share market would have rose, Cook you would have been a master chef but what you did was abridge the existing drama. So what are you planning next iPad Micro Mini?

Duh! iPad Mini