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The toughest year, 2012


Today is 31 December, 2012 and I am sure everybody is reflective and introspective on this particular day, no matter how busy a person you are. Well, I have been deep thinking today as to how my year went. I didn’t live this year, I survived it (and not because of that 12.12.12 stuff). Yes, I survived it, I reiterate because I want to get that impact.

Somehow on the very first day of the year, I got mixed signs. So, on 1st December, 2012, my diary entry was, “ Didn’t spend New Year day with family, politely declined a lunch invitation, instead stayed with my roommate who was alone on her birthday. I got a cake for her as well.” The second diary entry on 27th March, 2012, read “The worst morning ever, my birthday morning. The very same girl who I choose to be on her birthday ditched me for other friends. But still my birthday went fine because I was saved by some very good people who made me feel like a princess. It may sound kiddish but it did hurt!

Secondly, there are some handful of people who gave me tough time, in a sense if I have to use three words for those people, the words would be, “Wretched, Cheap and mean.” But at the office of Asian Age (a daily broadsheet), I came across some of the best people and they taught me a lot. Probably if my writing skills have improved, I owe it to them. I respect them from the bottom of my heart.

I also came across people who motivated me and stayed with me during my gruesome days. I made new friends and my old man is the best. I had a fight with my good buddy but then over a cuppa coffee and chocolate eclairs everything melted. I have a friend who sees the life; same way as I do and believe me it is comforting. I met my old friends who always make me feel wonderful and I danced with a 77 year old man. Kind of Crazy! I got a new job. I opened my account on wordpress and met wonderful people.

So the year hasn’t been too bad but believe me I was given tough days and the only solution  was to face those days and be patient. Towards the end I felt loved and cared for, not rejected and dejected. I learnt the harsher realities of life, the practical side of it. I still day dream but dreams are what takes you to the next level.

So, as I finish my blog I would still say that I survived this year, it was the toughest. It made me shed more tears than I could have imagined.

Christmasy Feeling: A cup of coffee


I could have made a simple cup of coffee for mother or better I could have treated her with the finest cup of latte made by the best brewers of the world. But I wanted a tinge of love entwined with coffee powder, milk and water. By beating coffee powder, sugar, water for just 10-15 minutes, I was able to see a smile on her face, twinkle in her eye. She said, “My, my you make me feel so special and it’s such a relief that you can at least make a good cuppa coffee.” 

This is what will I call my Christmasy coffee……it creates magic.


I don’t know how to give designs but with the help of Hershey’s was able to do something creative. The coffee was good….oh c’mon, see the love behind it.

What is it that will do more to transform a man from a fiend into an angel than baptism in the River Jordan?

It is the first cup of coffee in the morning! 

Mummy the above lines in italics are not meant for you, you are an angel. It is just for devils around.

(This post was originally written by me for my blog on blogspot.com  but I want to share it on WordPress too and is modified a little)

Diary entries


I don’t know exactly what to write today. I wanted to write something because I am feeling slightly bored and depressed so I have made few diary entries.

I was surprised to see myself crying at 5 am in the morning. Those salty droplets of water which often unleash the repressed feeling just wouldn’t stop until I came back to my senses and discovered that I had a bad dream where I saw my maternal grandfather die. If it’s not my grandfather, somebody else and such kind of dreams often pester me. I decided to research on my dreaming pattern and such kind of dreams often reflect our fears. I have a deep rooted fear of losing people I really love because they are the ones who always will accept me for what I am. Not only that, it somehow also reflects my fear of being said, “NO”

Secondly, I have been reading this wonderful book, “Seven Years in Tibet” and I have got the movie based on the book too but I will watch it later. This book is about a daring escape by Heinrich Harrer ( Olympic ski champion).Being an Austrian, he was taken as a prisoner of war in India during the Second World War. But on his third attempt he finally succeeded in escaping into Tibet. He stayed there for seven years, learned the language and acquired a greater understanding of the country often neglected. Makes me want to visit Tibet.

Thirdly, nobody can convince me to buy an iPad or another tablet for it is inconvenient, takes too much of space in your bag, besides reading anything on it is a pain to retina.

Fourthly, I used to hate maths in school but believe me now the very same maths is giving me hell lot of confidence and happiness. I have found that maths is my new found love. My maths teacher will either kill himself or will really hug me after reading this. He is as complicated as maths.

Talking about love, I still wonder if Tina Turner is right in singing, “What is love but a second-hand emotion?” Wish Tina and I are proven wrong.

Almond Oil is actually good for skin. I feel my skin nourished and protected. Thanks again mummy, you say more truths than lies. I also read that olives are not only good for hair but for ovaries, that bananas reduces your weight. I want to give yoga a try but need good instructor but before that I need somebody to convince me that Yoga is actually good.

As I was passing Subway, I wondered why the food chain is named after underground tunnel. Google didn’t  give me an answer.

I feel suffocated in this city until I let it out today. Is there no escaping, maybe I am not as brave as Harrer.

So, Rafael Nadal is scared of lightning, dogs and lights being switched off in his room and his uncle. Well so much for big burly guys, I bet they are even scared of guinea pigs.

Can people stop flaunting on Facebook? Do they even realize that their awesome lives, look awful.

Wow!!! I love the snow flakes on WordPress. Cheers me up.

Just wondered how interesting I can be when I am bored or maybe conceited and by the end of it I am smiling.