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That man with books and a cup of tea contd…..


(this part is to be taken as part of chapter one only and not as the second chapter. This is a continuation)

“Okay but what about my skirt?” asked the anxious girl.

” Hmmm….right but what I was thinking is that since you are very fond of reading, how about I buy some books for you instead of a skirt? I mean it’s just a suggestion. You see a skirt might make you look more beautiful but a book, my friend, will make you feel more beautiful. Rest….is your choice?” replied the man

‘How can absent- minded people be so smart,’ thought the girl and after a brief pause of roughly five minutes agreed to his suggestion, “You win. I will let you buy me some books.”

“Hey, it’s not about winning or losing. It was about a simple choice you made and I am not a judgmental kind of a person. So, Hauz Khas Village here we come.”

“Smart ass he is,” the girl whispered but it was loud enough for him to hear.

“Thank you mademoiselle,” smiled the man.

“Listen, I didn’t mean to say that but had you told me before that you are not judgmental…I might as well have chosen the skirt,” retorted the girl.

“Hahahha,” the man burst out laughing. ” so do you make decisions according to how the other person would perceive you as, not from your heart?”

“Well decisions should be made with brains and brain alone, not from your heart. Yes and I like everybody do think that what other is thinking about me,” answered the nervous girl.

” Not quite everybody thinks that way buddy, some people live with their heart and are quite satisfied with it.”