Diary Entries Part Two


I actually liked my previous blog <Diary entries>. It was great fun to scribble some of the craziest random entries and being random sometimes is kinda fun (although I very much appreciate stability) so here I have more delicious entries. I hope you enjoy them “too”

“Oh dad you must listen to Bob Marley…listen to his <sun is shining>, I praise him and his golden words.” So much for my golden words, the next song he sang was none other than, ‘No woman no cry’ and dad laughed uncontrollably. Hello, Mr. Marley you made me eat my golden words and boy are you male chauvinistic.

I love the Saturday feeling, because you don’t have to bother about the world the next day. You just have to care about yourself, your near and dear ones and most of all your room and laundry. The room and laundry part should have been deleted.

What is holy fire? and my sister answers, “Well you start a fire and burn the hell out of it.”

What is marriage? An act of communion,an act of everlasting love, an act of divinity or maybe an act of fulfilling the desires of men and women on bed from early age to motor consumerist capitalistic society.

Was sad to learn that many Tibetan kids living in Indian monasteries are forced to stay there because their parents cannot raise them. Parents are stuck up with poverty and other social issues and as a result they start , “giving up” their children under the guise of “contributing to their culture and community.” The worst part is children and parents never meet each other ever again. (sources: Emaho magazine)

If you are not marketeer at heart, you’ve had it. Wait I am not…..help me somebody.

Are pugs (breed) good and friendly dogs? I have been seeing this breed a lot these days…..really want to know.

Tom Cruise is awesome. I saw his Mission Impossible today( the very first part) and he looks just the same, not a wrinkle more……………. No, I believe there is a catch behind it, maybe he follows his plastic surgeon’s advice <If life gives lemons, a simple operation gives you melons> he certainly has had his share of melons, hasn’t he?

Carolina Wozniacki looks weirder than Novak Djokovic when it comes to artificial boobs. Wait I will share that picture with you to make my point clearer. Who is she impersonating that I am still thinking. Maybe Pamela Anderson.

Image source: Tennis Fan India

It is KEBABS not KABABS or KEBOBS. For once my speeling is correct.

Still looking for a Yoga teacher……. I need little less expensive one too. Hard to find but pearl in oyster is rare to find too. I do hope I find that oyster too. “Okay mozzy shut up, you are finding a yoga teacher, not a matrimonial alliance.” Mozzy replied to Mozzy.

My You Tube is full of Cece and Schimdt (New girl) videos. They are so awesome.

These aunties are more hungry for seats in the metro and buses than the politicians. Trust me. There should be a party called, “Auntie Party”

And if my this blog fails then I am a blooper like the part two of hangover movie and speaking of hangover, I am writing all this because I have got a hangover (excess coffee for your information, not alcohol).

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