I am born in the wrong era.


Sometimes I wonder whether I am born in the wrong era. 1990 was that great year when this little Lucifer by the name of Mozzy was born. There are plenty of reasons as to why I feel this way and I need to confess my feelings to somebody. Better I tell it to strangers than people I know will pull my leg. 

Firstly, my generation doesn’t supply you with as good looking men as was the case in 1950s -1980s. Generally, my list of crush includes:


Secondly, some of favourite singers includes:



Thirdly, my favourite writers include:



My favourite sports personality




Hence, I am born in the wrong era.

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  1. I love my era……….. I got to grown up in the 60’s and 70’s and many of those that you named were still real big back then. My family says I am stuck in time because I still live in that era. I have an extensive library of movies, music, and TV from that era and really don’t watch much “modern” stuff or listen to much current music. 🙂

    • Yes I love 60’s -70’s music and movies too and my friends often say you should have been born 40- 50 years back. People these days don’t live their lives, they are always in a rat race to prove how awesome they are when they are not. Even good actors like Leo Di Caprio was born in 70’s and same was the case with Ricky Martin. Now you look at Justin Beiber and Jonas Brothers. There should be a time machine.

  2. I sometimes feel that way too. But I’m not sure which decade I would pick b/c I like different decades for different reasons. For instance, I like the 50’s for the simplicity of life and traditional roles (but I do not like that women or people or colour weren’t viewed as equal citizens). Secondly, I like the 70’s for the music and the excitement of everything that was happening politically but it was also a controversial time. Thirdly, I like the 80’s for the music but not so much the hair and the dress. Fourthly, I would like the 90’s b/c it would make me much younger than I am, but then again I wouldn’t be married yet and would not have a blog about marriage! Hmm–this is why I can’t pick a decade! 😮

    • Yes it’s hard to pinpoint the best era 🙂 I second you on the 70’s era…there were lot of things happening, I call it the dramatic era and I love it the most. I like 50- 80’s era men, they had something about them, maybe that grace, charm that you don’t find generally in men these days. I wish I could find 50’s -80’s man in this era.

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