A letter to my French Teacher.




To Sir with love

Cher Monsieur,


I don’t know how to begin this letter. Which sentence should I write first? Hmmm, that’s a lot to think but how about< Comment tu t’ appelle?> that is the first sentence you taught us in French. The most important one would be <Tu as quel age>, I can ask this very innocently to a good looking French gentleman if I ever get to visit France. 

I miss the jokes you often cracked on me and my sister told me how startled were you when she told you that Mozzy has got a job and so she will have to discontinue with her classes. Your gesture touched me because it was for the first time in two years that I felt cared for and wanted. You never once frowned and scolded….you had been so patient and gentle with a dumb lot like us. A very good teacher- my #1 teacher. Even when I used to talk or disturb, you politely used to say <sil vous plait> But the very words had impact and I – the class clown used to keep quiet. Teachers have scolded me previously but I had always found a way  to do something mischievous.

You are very a cute looking old man, adventurous- I mean you have been to Amazon, did you just tell me that you caught piranha there, not to mention you have tried sky diving, paragliding and what not.  Rechercher dans crocodiles et anacondas; piranha essayer la peche en amazonie>,  I remember my winning line that made our group the best in the french class. (I am such a show off)

I know Khan Market in Delhi is known for the best Chocolates but do try Wengers at Connaught Place. If you visit Mussoorie try Chick Chocolate. 

Initially, I never wanted to learn French and my sister got me enrolled but now that I have dropped I am left with such a wonderful feeling that how even learning nine- ten simple sentences and grammar of some new language can make you feel so special, touched, spirited and now I am running out of synonyms and adjectives but most of all happy. 

I wish I could continue and I may come back. 

Tu me manques

ce qui concerne,





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