Tennis Players + Arnold Schwarzenegger


So, I made caricatures of the present GOAT ( Greatest Tennis Players of all time) contenders and then came up with another idea. My idea was to see in which Arnold Schwarzenegger (the greatest action hero of all times) movie would they fit in- I have given them the role suited to their personality and their present status in tennis.

Roger Federer would definitely be the Terminator. For two long years, he was threatened and outclassed by other contenders but when he came back, he terminated all of them. This year. not only he lifted the Wimbledon Crown but also gained silver medal in the Olympics.

Rafael Nadal, the strong, the muscular, popular and bulky would be Commando. He gets back and is able to fire strong back + forehands+ serves and  has no problem covering the whole court.

He might be chasing, be at the losing end but then this courageous Serbian Novak Djokovic comes from somewhere and stun his opponents. He is charismatic, kid’s favourite (My #1 too)  definitely my Kindergarten Cop.

ImageRoger Federer

The Terminator

Motto: Whoever tries to enter my den unannounced, will be cursed

Rafael Nadal


Motto: I’ll be back!! (after six months of injury)

ImageImageNovak Djokovic

The Kindergarten Cop

Motto: In the end, it’s always me.

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I always wanted to climb Mount Everest or Mt Godwin Austin since my childhood days, growing up I learnt the harsher realities of mountains and life. I had to satisfy myself with the little mound in my pic. Writing doesn't come naturally to me, ideas yes. I always try my level best to write. I love reading- my #1 author is PG Wodehouse. I am 22 going to be 23 and I love my job. So far so good. I do love when Audrey Hepburn sings, 'Moon River.' I blog about pretty much everything so you may say I am scatterbrain.

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