Finally, Sun rises for the Deccan


So, the controversy strapped company bought the cash strapped company. Well, the company (Sun T.V.) which became more renowned during the 2G scam bought another company at a bid as high as Rupees 85 crores. Sun T.V. has also allegedly paid Rupees 20 crore over and above Rupees 85 crores as the signing amount. All that makes me say, Mr. Kalanidhi Maran, “Wow! What an investment,” you have used your uncle’s savings from 2G scam wisely.


I am curious that whether now (whatever the new team is called) would represent Hyderabad or Chennai? If Chennai, then hello they have two teams. Now that would be unfair. With Sun T.V’s headquarter in Chennai; I believe Chennai will have two teams now…please import the cheerleaders. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have 2-3 Sri Lankan players

But no, the franchise will be based in Hyderabad so Dhoni relax, your fans and popularity won’t be divided…if you have any popularity left at all. Ha! Somebody tweeted a possible name for the new team, “Telangana Chargers.” Well, let’s see how far you guys go…..I mean for Sun T.V. team playing at night will be bit of a challenge. Nevertheless, fingers crossed.

Next, I believe Sun T.V. might sign up their most promising star Dhanush to sing. Dhanush, please don’t sing something like Kolaveri Di. So, Dhanush says, “Okay but I am paid to sing, “Why this Subramaniam, Subramaniam Di?”

Well, let’s see how well the Deccan gets tanned.

Ps: Except the main news every bit of extra news is imaginary.

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I always wanted to climb Mount Everest or Mt Godwin Austin since my childhood days, growing up I learnt the harsher realities of mountains and life. I had to satisfy myself with the little mound in my pic. Writing doesn't come naturally to me, ideas yes. I always try my level best to write. I love reading- my #1 author is PG Wodehouse. I am 22 going to be 23 and I love my job. So far so good. I do love when Audrey Hepburn sings, 'Moon River.' I blog about pretty much everything so you may say I am scatterbrain.

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