To Uncle Charlie Waffles


I appreciate Ashton Kutcher’s style but somehow without Charlie Sheen, I watch Two and a Half men with a little sinking feeling. So, over the past few weeks instead of watching the brand new episode, I watched all the old seasons featuring Charlie Harper. Here is the list of some of my favourite Charlie Sheen moments from the past series. I haven’t mentioned all,some of them.This is to Uncle Charlie Waffles:


Jake: I think you should have gotten a car like Greg’s.
Charlie: Okay, do yourself a favor and stop worshipping this dude. There’s already a guy in your life who’s worth looking up to and modeling yourself after.
Jake: Dad?
Charlie: (pause) Okay, two guys

Charlie: When the phone rings at Uncle Charlie’s house, we don’t just willy-nilly pick up the receiver and answer it. No. What we do is check the caller ID, and only pick up if we want to talk to that person.
Jake: Like Mom?
Charlie: That depends: Your mom, yes; my mom, no.
Jake: How come you don’t want to talk to your mom?
Charlie: I’ll tell you all about that when you’re old enough to drink.


Season 3, episode 3 Carpet Burns and Bite Marks
Evelyn: For the first time I look at you and see myself.
Charlie: That’s just insane.


Season 3, episode 12 That Special Tug
Charlie: Anyway, last night I am out with my stupid, lame ass brother.
Dr. Freeman: Sounds like you you’ve got some anger towards him…
Charlie: Oohh, you’re good


Season 4, episode 23 Anteaters. They’re just crazy lookin
Alan: Obviously, we disagree about my role in this household.
Charlie: We sure do. You think you have one, and I don’t!

Season 5, episode 11 Meander to your dander
Alan: I’m in trouble here, Charlie. How do I get out of a stagnant, joyless relationship?
Charlie: If I knew how to do that, you wouldn’t still be living here.

Season 6, episode1 Tatterhead is our love child
Charlie: What I’ve wanted to ask you is, do you think I’ve been a good role model?
Jake: Are you kidding? You drink, you gamble, you have different women here practically every night. You’re the best role model a guy could want!


Season6, episode 22 Sir Lancelot’s little box
Berta: Okay you and me need to talk
Charlie: I know I know. you didn’t sign up for this. You work for me, not for her, and it’s bad enough you have to put up with zippy and the chip
Berta: No, I like her better than you so for now on I’m working for her
Charlie: What?
Berta: You need something? You ask her, she talks to me, we decide
Charlie: I don’t get vote?
Berta: Yeah, you get a vote. One vote our of three. Good luck with that.


Season 7, episode 16 Tinkle like a princess

Charlie: If I can’t have Chelsea, I don’t want to live.

Alan: Where are you going?

Charlie: Strip club.

Alan: Ah yes, death by lap dance.


“That’s all Folks”

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