Clark Kent says Hasta Manana to journalism


So far, it was Mr. Dark Knight (Batman) who was making the news in the superheroes world but on Wednesday, Clark Kent aka Superman made a big story- no Mr. Kent didn’t find a breaking story but he was the story. Clark Kent calls it quits at Daily Planet, the world’s leading newspaper. Mr. Kent offered his services as a journalist in the leading paper since his debutante comic which appeared in 1940.


Mr. Kent- a man of impeccable manners and high values had a heated argument with Mr. Morgan Edge, the owner of the Daily Planet’s parent company. “I am tired, frustrated and my girlfriend often complains that we don’t go out very often. How in the world can I take her with this meager income?” Recently, melancholic Mr. Kent was also reported singing, “How many roads must a man walk down before you call him a man?”

“This is really what happens when a 27-year-old guy is behind a desk and he has to take instruction from a larger conglomerate with concerns that aren’t really his own,” said writer Scott Lobdell

Mr. Kent’s sudden decision has however raised deep concerns and never-ending debates all over the world on the future of print journalism.  The declining popularity of newspaper has cut its way through to the fictional world, with bookstores like Barnes and Nobles closing down, the seriousness is deeply felt.

Tired and woebegone, our favourite superhero is however planning to make a brave attempt by joining the blogging world. “I am planning to go digital. Adapt or die,” said emotional Mr. Kent at a press conference at Hilton Hotel.  With an iPad in his hand, Mr. Kent is ready to take the new challenge as he bids silent farewell to his past experiences in the newsroom. 

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I always wanted to climb Mount Everest or Mt Godwin Austin since my childhood days, growing up I learnt the harsher realities of mountains and life. I had to satisfy myself with the little mound in my pic. Writing doesn't come naturally to me, ideas yes. I always try my level best to write. I love reading- my #1 author is PG Wodehouse. I am 22 going to be 23 and I love my job. So far so good. I do love when Audrey Hepburn sings, 'Moon River.' I blog about pretty much everything so you may say I am scatterbrain.

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