So what is the most interesting feature about iPad Mini- obviously it is mini but not mini enough to fit in my jeans pocket. So why buy this Mini Mouse? It weighs 308 grams, retina display, thickness is 7.2 mm, 10 hours battery. Pretty much was the case with iPad, only if little thicker and bigger. Bottom line  the latter ‘modification’ is like having the new 25 grams Mars bar instead of the former 57 grams. Boring enough to buy and I am even more bemused to read the stories of the poor compelled tech journalists trying their level best to prove a piece of glass- diamond.
Hairsplitting discussions embraced the world and especially on twitter. Apple when it bores another fruit it does have a long lasting effect. It is viral, the more appropriate word. People seem to be obsessed with how thin, sleek it is or on its lightness. If I have to convert a 500 page novel into 300- it will obviously be thinner, lighter- so what’s so innovative. Duh!!
Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs on the launch of iPad said, ” iPad is our most revolutionary device.” What did Tim Cook think iPad Mini will be another dawn in the history of revolution of Apple. Innovative is the last word I would use for this modified piece. So much for the iPad Mini.
The only thing worth noticing about the dear mini mouse was the furor it created in the stock market as the shares of Apple plummeted to sky high.According to Telegraph reports, share in $ 584.3 bn company climbed more than 4pc. Holy Cow! The technology is dull but it is cheap. The iPad mini is certainly a delight to consumers and investors but Mr Cook though you can’t make new recipes but you certainly know the way of selling an old cookbook. Mr Steve Jobs told you on his death bed, “Don’t ask what I would do, just do what is right.” Well, I am no techno geek, I just a layman and what you did was ‘sell’ a mere product on the cost of his words, “iPad is our most magical revolutionary device.” Had you created another drama like Shakespeare and then share market would have rose, Cook you would have been a master chef but what you did was abridge the existing drama. So what are you planning next iPad Micro Mini?

Duh! iPad Mini

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